Scholarship Program

The lessons and enthusiasm Nicholas Branca brought to each professional development endeavor has had a lasting impact on the teachers who participated and the students who benefited from those teachers’ increased understanding and renewed quest for continuous improvement of their mathematics teaching. To honor Nicholas’s work and ensure that his passion for mathematics lives on in California, two $3,000 scholarships will be awarded.

1. To honor his work in San Diego, one scholarship will be awarded to a local San Diego County mathematics teacher. The recipient can be a teacher of any level K-12.

2. A second scholarship in honor of his directorship of the California Mathematics Project and work throughout the State of California will be awarded current teacher within the state of California.

recipients must be a teacher of any level K-12, and must be planning to participate in a certificate, master’s degree, or doctoral program in mathematics education during the upcoming academic year.


Applications should be submitted via hard copy or e-mail and must be received before close of business on June 1st:

Nicholas A. Branca Memorial Scholarship
c/o Melanie Branca
550 Front Street, #2101
San Diego, CA 92101


Application forms can be found at:

Awards will be announced on this page on July 1st.

Questions about the scholarship should be directed to Melanie R. Branca at (619)807-1968.